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WagerWeb Parlay Odds

Wagerweb is known as the “Player’s Choice” sports book because their customers are extremely satisfied. Customers love all of the special features that Wagerweb offers to include the bonuses, specials, and betting options. One of the highly coveted betting options at Wagerweb is their parlays.

A parlay is a type of snowballing sports book wager where the player can bet on two and up to 15 selections and the payout will increase as the odds and selections increase.

The player will be given the choice of selecting multiple sports, spreads, totals or money lines. In the case of a tie, push or cancellation, a parlay can roll back to the previous number and up to a straight bet where the risk amount of the parlay will be the same as the risk amount of the straight bet.

Wagerweb, like other sports book does have a rule on correlated sports bets. No parlay will be accepted where one or more parts are correlated with each other, as in the first half of the Game to the Game Itself, or where there is a 30% ratio within the spread and the total of the same game. Wagerweb is one of the best sports books in the business when it comes to the variety they offer. They offer parlays on all sports to include football, basketball, and soccer.

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The parlays odds at Wagerweb are as follows. For a two-team parlay Wagerweb pays out at 13/5 all the way up to their exclusive 15 team parlay which pays out at 2000/1 and maxes out at 10000/1 depending on the money lines used in the parlay. Wagerweb is the “Player’s Choice” for several reasons to include parlay betting and is another reason why it should be your sportsbook of choice when it comes to betting on parlays or any other type of sports betting

Number of Teams Odds
Two 13/5
Three 6/1
Four 10/1
Five 25/1
Six 40/1
Seven 75/1
Eight 100/1
Nine 150/1
Ten 300/1
Eleven 500/1
Twelve 750/1
Thirteen 1000/1
Fourteen 1500/1
Fifteen 2000/1

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