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TopBet Parlay Odds

TopBet sportsbook is breaking into the sports book scene with a bang. They are quickly becoming one of the most noticeable names in the business as they are competing with some of the biggest books in the online gaming industry when it comes to customer satisfaction.

One of the areas that they are already standing out among the rest is when it comes to parlay betting. A parlays bet is one bet that combines teams, point-spreads, and totals all on one ticket. For the parlay bet to be graded as a winner and paid out, every bet on the ticket must hit.

The only time a parlay can still be paid out without winning is when there is a tie. In the case of ties, the affected game/event will be essentially removed from your ticket and thereby reduce the number of selections in your parlay. This will inherently reduce your payout. If you play a 3 game/event parlay with 2 ties, your remaining game/event bet becomes a straight wager. The odds are dependent on how big the parlay is.

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Payouts are all based on standard bets of (-110) and the odds will change if a different money line is used such as Major League Baseball money lines. A two-team parlay at Top Bet pays out at 2.6 to 1 and a 12-team parlay pays out at 1800-to-1. The only options for a parlay at Top Bet are from two teams all the way up to 12 teams.

To make parlay betting more interesting, Top Bet offers Parlay Challenges that are unique to their sports book. The folks at Top Bet realize that players love to bet on parlays so they want to offer as many options as possible to all of their players. This is just another example of why Top Bet is a top sports book and why you should bet your parlays at Top Bet!

Payout Chart for standard -110 bets

# of Teams Payout
1 -110
2 2.6 - 1
3 6 - 1
4 10 - 1
5 20 - 1
6 40 - 1
# of Teams Payout
7 75 - 1
8 150 - 1
9 300 - 1
10 700 - 1
11 1000 - 1
12 1800 - 1

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