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Sportsbook.AG Teaser Odds is a legendary sportsbook that has been a mainstay in the online gaming industry. delivers the state-of-the-art betting atmosphere for their clients that love to get the most out of their sports book. They pride themselves on getting all of the details right, especially when it comes to betting teasers. uses their technological savvy to provide the best platform in the industry to bet on teasers. They offer teaser betting in both football and basketball. They offer teaser point adjustments of 4, 4.5, and 5 points for betting on basketball. In football they offer teaser point adjustments of 6, 6.5, and 7 on the gridiron.

When it comes to the amount of teams that can be included in the teaser, the sky seems to be the limit. offers a minimum of two teams in the teaser all the way up to 15 teams. This variety to choose from allows teaser betting players to get the most bang for the buck when it comes to the odds on the game.

For instance a two-teamer teaser getting 6-points offers the industry standard of (-110) but when the better adds teams the odds go higher and higher. For example when constructing a teaser that gets 6-points and includes 15 teams, the bettor has a very good chance to get a huge payout. The odds on that particular teaser pay out at an astronomical (+15,000). Many players that wager on teasers prefer the opportunity to make a wager on a big teaser to increase their odds of acquiring a big payday!

Teaser betting is becoming more and more popular as sport bettors are applying new strategies to make money betting on sports. welcomes all types of bettors as they open their doors for professional and recreational betting. If you like to bet on teasers and want to take a shot at a big payday while betting on teasers, is the place to be!

Basketball: 4 points 4.5 points 5 points
Football: 6 points 6.5 points 7 points
2 teams -110 -120 -130
3 teams +160 +150 +135
4 teams +260 +240 +200
5 teams +450 +400 +350
6 teams +600 +550 +500
7 teams +1000 +900 +800
8 teams +1500 +1200 +1000
9 teams +2000 +1500 +1200
10 teams +2500 +2000 +1500
11 teams +3500 +2500 +2000
12 teams +5000 +3500 +2500
13 teams +7500 +5000 +3500
14 teams +10,000 +7500 +5000
15 teams +15,000 +10,000 +7500

Note:  On our special 3 team 10 point football or 7 point basketball teasers (sometimes known as Sweetheart teasers and not included in the above table), odds are -120 (10/12) and ties lose.  Only point spreads may be placed in these special teasers.  If a selection has no-action due to postponement or cancelation, the whole sweetheart teaser will have no-action.

The Football and Basketball Teaser and Parlay Cards offer you the opportunity to place teasers and parlays on a combination of College and Professional games of the same sport.  They do not give the option of buying points on spreads or totals and the maximum bet amount is $500.

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