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Sportsbook.AG Parlay Odds has been a constant in the online gaming industry for years because they know how to serve clients with the best betting options available. This is proven in the way that offers parlays to their clients.

Parlays are very popular bets among sports bettors and has noticed this and has taken steps to make betting on parlays an enjoyable venture at their sports book.

A parlay is the selection of two or more teams in no particular order in a single wager.  All selections must win for the parlay to win; if there is a tie or no action the parlay reverts to the next lowest number for pay-off. This parlay bet can include money line, point-spreads or totals and can include multiple leagues.

The odds on a money-line parlay are calculated by multiplying the prices of the selections together, but remembering to include the stake amount. With this in mind the payouts can vary but has set the odds up for the bettors to make big money. offers twelve team parlays and the payout odds on such a big parlay are 1,800/1. When it comes to the lower combination of teams, the odds are very similar to other sports books. For instance a two-team parlay is 13/5 and a three team parlay is 6/1. However, offers a special parlay night with Friday night only special parlay odds based on (-105) instead of (-110).

This special night is a safe haven for parlay bettors as they make more money betting on parlays. The 12-team parlays normally pays out 1,800/1 as mentioned above, but on Friday nights it pays out 3,066/1. It pays to bet on parlays on Friday night at always goes out of their way to take care of their clients and that is why parlay bettors run to on Friday nights to take a shot at hitting it big!

The odds quoted in the pay-off table below only hold true if all selections in the parlay are at the same price:

  • -110 for the Regular Daily Parlay Odds (football and basketball spreads and totals)
  • -105 for the Special Friday Odds on football and basketball point spreads. 

Variations in these prices will cause variations in the pay-offs.


Regular Daily Odds [-110]

Friday Special Odds [-105]

2 Teams

13 to 5

2.8 to 1

3 Teams

6 to 1

6.4 to 1

4 Teams

10 to 1

13.5 to 1

5 Teams

25 to 1

27 to 1

6 Teams

40 to 1

54 to 1

7 Teams

75 to 1

107 to 1

8 Teams

150 to 1

210 to 1

9 Teams

300 to 1

411 to 1

10 Teams

700 to 1

804 to 1

11 Teams

1,100 to 1

1,570 to 1

12 Teams

1,800 to 1

3,066 to 1

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