• Top Rated Sportsbooks: Bet Phoenix UFC 179: Aldo vs. Mendes 2

    If you are a fight fan then you are very excited for the upcoming fight card featuring a very exciting rematch. The October 25th UFC 179 PPV event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where Jose Aldo once again puts his featherweight title on the line vs. Chad Mendes is one of the most anticipated fight of the season. This fight will not only draw excitement from fans of the UFC, but it will also get plenty of attention from UFC betting fanatics looking to make some money.

  • Top Rated Sportsbooks: Bovada Poker Bowl

    The National Football League is nearing the halfway point of the season and it has been a very good season so far. Betting on football is fun and so is playing poker but there is one sportsbook that is letting you enjoy the best of both worlds. If you enjoy watching and wagering on football and playing poker than you are about to get very excited because there is a way that you can enjoy both poker and football while getting paid! The end result is a perfect match for fans that love both watching football and playing poker.

  • Top Rated Sportsbooks: BetDSI and the World Series

    The Major League Baseball season has come down to just two teams as the World Series begins this week. The scrappy underdog Kansas City Royals will go into battle against the San Francisco Giants and the winner will emerge as the champions of Major League Baseball. This prime time event will get a lot of watches this week as everyone is eager to see if the Royals can keep their winning streak alive in the biggest event of the baseball season. If you want to bet on this event then there is only sportsbook to sign up at.

  • Top Rated Sportsbooks: 5 Dimes Dynamic Lines

    Betting on sports at a top rated online sportsbook is a truly exciting experience. It gets even better when you bet with a superior sportsbook that is always changing with the times. In this day and age we have so many technological advances you want to play with a sportsbook that changes with the times and offers new and exciting ways to wager on football.

  • Top Rated Sportsbooks: Top Bet and the Parlay Challenge

    Betting on sports is fun and can be very exciting. Many sports bettors like a sports betting outlet that offers many different kinds of wagering. The different types of wagering can open up new ways to bet on sports. One of the more popular wager types is the parlay. The parlay gives the sports bettor a chance at risking a little bit of money for a big payout.

  • Top Rated Sportsbooks: Bet Phoenix and October Madness!

    October is a very special month in the world of sports. There are great NFL and college football games to watch and wager on, but there is one sport that owns the month of October and that sport is baseball. Major League Baseball puts their two best teams on display in the World Series, the pinnacle of the baseball season and the best event to bet on for avid baseball bettors.

  • Top Rated Sportsbooks: Bet Online and the Breeders Cup

    This is a very special time of the year for the horse racing aficionado. While many sports bettors will be focusing on the NFL and college football, not to mention the World Series, there is another big event on the horizon. In just a few weeks horse racing bettors will be scrambling to racebooks to place a wager on their favorite horses as the countdown to the Breeders’ Cup starts now!

  • Top Rated Sportsbooks: GT Bets and Extra Points For Favorite Teams

    All sports betting fans and handicappers start off as fans of the sport that they like to bet on. That is why for many sports bettors it is very difficult to bet on a game that involves their favorite team. Usually even the most professional handicapper can be swayed and bet with their heart and not their head when looking at games involving their favorite team. With a new and upcoming sportsbook this is no longer a problem.

  • Top Rated Sportsbooks: BetDSI Streak For the Cash!

    Finding a top rated online sport betting portal that fulfills all of your needs is priceless. It is not always easy to find a soportsbook that is safe, secure and has a long history of taking care of their players and offering the best in the business when it comes to perks and unique promotions to include free contests. However, there is one sportsbook that is doing all of this now and has been doing it for decades.

  • BTBSportsbooks.com: The Premier Sportsbook Review Site

    In the world of sports betting the countless number of sportsbooks that are coming and going into the sports betting business can make things confusing. It is difficult to figure out which ones are reliable and which ones are not. For the novice sports bettor it can be overwhelming unless you have a place that will provide you with all of the information that you need to be educated enough to choose a reputable sports betting location. Look no further, that sportsbook review site that will clear everything up for you is BTBSportsbooks.com.

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