• Top Rated Sportsbooks: Bet Phoenix is a One Stop Football Betting Shop

    The football season is an exciting time of year for football fans and football handicappers that like to bet on football. The football fan can never get enough action and the football handicappers can never get enough information to guide them through their selection process as they hunt for winners on a weekly basis. The one thing that they both have in common is that both the fans and the handicappers need a great place to bet on football.

  • Top Rated Sportsbooks: Big Bonuses Betting at Bet Mania

    It is the best time of the year for football fanatics as the college football season is kicking off and that will soon be followed by the National Football League. If you are serious about sports betting and winning money, you should always be looking for the best sports betting outlet to wager on football. This also includes looking for the best reasons to sign up and the best bonuses. At Btbsportsbooks.com we have scoured the internet looking for the best sportsbook and the best bonuses.

  • Top Rated Sportsbooks: Betting on the Emmys at Bovada

    Many people look for an award winning sports betting outlet when they want to bet on great sports like soccer, football or basketball. However, when looking for the sportsbook to bet on sports they often forget about the unique situations when a person would like to place a wager on events that may include politics or the world of entertainment. That type of unique situation will take place this week and only one sportsbook is stepping up to cover all of your sports betting needs.

  • BetDSI: Betting on NASCAR and the Irwin Tools Night Race

    Sports bettors love to bet on sports. Soccer, football and basketball always top the list, but there is another sport to bet on that most people overlook. That sport is NASCAR, auto racing at its finest and its popularity is rising by the moment. Because of this ever increasing popularity betting on NASCAR is becoming more and more popular. If you want to try betting on this sport and enjoy the race with a few dollars on the line you need to have a top rated online sportsbook that knows how to handle wager on NASCAR. That sportsbook is BetDSI.

  • Top Rated Sportsbooks: Cheat Sheet for Picking the Right Sportsbook Part 2

    It is the time of year when it becomes more important than ever to make sure that you are betting with the right online sportsbook. If you care about your money and getting paid for selecting winning wagers than you have to care about playing at a safe and secure online sports betting portal that has a super reputation. At BTBSportsbooks.com we have a comprehensive list of places to play when football season kicks off.

  • Top Rated Sportsbooks: Cheat Sheet for Picking the Right Sportsbook

    With the football season quickly approaching many sports betting fans that like to put money on their favorite team on the gridiron are scrambling to find the best place to bet on games. The best place to start is a qualified and reputable online sportsbook review site like BTBSportsbooks.com. This is where you can find all of the great reasons to sign up with a sportsbook and get ready to bet on sports.

  • Bovada Sportsbook: Betting on Tennis and the US Open

    Betting on sports is always fun, but when you get to wager on one of the biggest events of the year it gets even more exciting. In the world of tennis there are several events that tennis fans circle on the calendar and consider monumental. One of those events will happen this month as the US Open will feature some of the best players in the world all vying for the title. While many top rated online sportsbooks have wagering on tennis, only one sportsbook sets the bar for others to follow in this sport and that sportsbook is Bovada.

  • Top Online Sportsbook BetOnline: 50 Percent Bonus Kickoff Special

    The National Football League is here and it is time to bet on football! Sure it is just preseason, but it is still football and for the diehard football fans that have been waiting for the season to start it will have to do. For the informed football bettor, there is money to be made. It is just a matter of finding the right time in the right spot and betting with a top rated online sportsbook. There is one sportsbook that is out there right now that has stepped up their game in the NFL preseason and is offering a one of a kind bonus that cannot be passed up.

  • Top Online Sportsbooks: Best Casino Bonuses

    Top online sportsbooks are mostly known for sports betting, but many of the highest rated establishments also have some outstanding casinos built to entertain the masses. With hundreds of options ranging from slots to craps, these casinos can provide Vegas like excitement! At btbsportsbooks.com we cover all of the great sports betting outlets that offer casinos and cover the great bonuses that they serve up to their new clients.

  • Top Online Sportsbook 5Dimes: Why Reduced Juice?

    Betting on sports can be a lot of fun and profitable if you do it the right way. Being successful as a sports bettor takes hard work, some luck and you have to be smart with your money management techniques. Many people that bet on sports do not realize that money management begins before you place one wager. Just choosing to play at a certain sportsbook can save you thousands a year if you take advantage of things like reduced juice. Don’t know what reduced juice is? Your money management education begins today.

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