• WagerWeb Betting Trends

    WagerWeb Betting Trends

    July 23rd, 2014

    Sports betting is a very interesting craft. Many people are using the latest technology to study the trends and tools that are available to select winners on a regular basis. This constant battle between sports bettors and the sportsbooks are always great to watch. The sportsbooks try to keep their edge, while the sports bettors try and find a way to bring down the house. At top rated online sportsbook, WagerWeb they actually offer up tools to help players try and beat the book.

  • BetDSI NFL Future Wagers

    BetDSI NFL Future Wagers

    July 22nd, 2014

    Football fans are in a state of depression. They have been waiting or months for their favorite sport to start. In the meantime they can read previews and focus on training camps but it is not the same as watching live football that will kick off in August. BetDSI understands that the football fan is ready to get into the game now and that is why they have offered up a long betting menu for the football season that the fan can bet on right now!

  • Bovada Odds: Marcos Rene Maidana vs Floyd Mayweather Jr

    There is nothing better than the excitement of fight night and a big boxing match to get people excited. Recently a fight between Marcos Rene Maidana vs Floyd Mayweather Jrwas announced to take place in September. This bout will get plenty of attention and plenty of bets from boxing fans who will want to put a few bucks on this top flight fight. The folks at Bovada sportsbook are ready and have already posted odds on the big event.

  • Bet on NBA Summer League and the NBA Futures

    The NBA season is over and basketball fans are counting the days until they can see LeBron James in a Cleveland Cavalier uniform as he returns home for next season. Fans are also excited about the chance to watch the new young players that will be playing in the league next season. If you want to watch the young players you do not have to wait as the NBA summer league showcases young talent. There is also one top rated sportsbook that will let you bet on this action.

  • 5 Dimes: Vegas Live Dealer Diamond Jackpot

    The sportsbooks are looking for new ways to reward their players and this includes the sportsbook, casino or the poker rooms. One sportsbook, 5 Dimes, is constantly going out of their way to give back to their players by offering up more and more perks for their players who have made 5 Dimes homes. The newest offering is known as the Vegas Live Dealer Rewards Diamond Jackpot and it may be one of the best yet.

  • BTBSportsbooks.com Exclusive Sportsbook Bonuses

    There are many different sportsbooks to choose from when a sports gambler is looking to sign up with a new betting location. One of the many features that set sportsbooks apart is the signup bonus that they offer. Did you know that if you sign up with a sportsbook directly from the BTBSportsbooks.com sportsbook review section you could get an exclusive bonus that you will not find anywhere else?

  • LeBron James Back to Cleveland Turns NBA Odds Upside Down

    The biggest sports news over the last few weeks is the free agency of LeBron James. After days of anticipation, James announced that he was returning to play in Cleveland where his career started. James, who grew up in nearby Akron, Ohio, and is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of his generation, made the announcement through Sports Illustrated’s website. That news broke and social media went crazy with speculation about the upcoming season. Online sportsbooks took notice, and the end result was an incredible change of the odds for next season in the NBA.

  • Sportsbook.ag: Free World Cup Final Wager

    This year the World Cup managed to get the attention of the entire world. The action has been exciting to watch and even more exciting to wager on. There is still some excitement left as two teams will battle for the ultimate trophy and Sportsbook.ag is letting their faithful clients bet on this exciting match for free!

  • Betting on the MLB Home Run Derby

    The All Star break during the Major League Baseball season is one of the few breaks for a sports bettor during the season. For most it is a perfect time to enjoy the summer season and get out and do something, while others will prepare for the upcoming football season. However there are a few diehard baseball bettors that find some value and plenty of fun betting during the break. Those few, but brave sports bettors, choose to bet on the home run derby.

  • Best Sportsbooks to Deposit With Credit Card

    Betting on sports is fun and entertaining, but usually with lower rated sportsbooks the process to deposit can be anything but. This can be especially true when depositing with a credit card. It is usually accompanied with a mound of paperwork and plenty of hassle as you try and get your money to your account by using your credit card. There are a few sportsbooks that know that this is a big problem and they have decided to make it an easy process.

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