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JustBet Parlay Odds

JustBet sports book continues to impress as one of the top-rated sports books in the online gaming industry. They are top of the list when it comes to customer satisfaction, betting options and special bonuses. Customers have been so pleased with the play and the service at JustBet sports book they always come highly recommended.

This includes when it comes to betting on football and basketball using the parlay. The parlay is a very popular bet among recreational bettors as they try and combine teams to get a big pay off with the parlay.

At JustBet they allow parlays in any sport from two-teams all the way up to eight-teams. These parlays can be constructed using money lines, point-spreads or totals also known as over/unders. Once these teams are all combined they are placed into a parlay and if all of them win then the parlay is paid out. However, just one loss and the parlay is graded as a loser.

When a parlays has a part that ties it is not a loser. A tie, postponed, suspended or unofficial game on a three or more team parlay reduces the parlay to the next lowest payoff. A tie, postponed, suspended or unofficial game on a two-teamer with a winner is paid at 9/10 odds. This is an excellent option when betting parlays.

The odds for parlays at JustBet are as follows.

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A two-team parlay has odds of 13/5. A 3-team parlay has odds of 6/1 and a 4-team parlay has odds of 11/1. The more teams that are added to the parlay, the more profitable the payout, but the more risk is involved. The highest potential payout for a parlay at JustBet is an eight-team parlay that has odds of 80/1. This means a $1 wager will return $80 on an eight-team parlay. The maximum collective payout on any identical parlay is $60,000.

JustBet sports book is highly regarded as a top sports book for many reasons and that includes betting on parlays.

Number of teams PAY
2 TEAMS PAY 13/5
4 TEAMS PAY 11/1
5 TEAMS PAY 21/1
6 TEAMS PAY 35/1
7 TEAMS PAY 50/1
8 TEAMS PAY 80/1
TIES DO NOT LOSE! A tie on a three or more team football parlay reduces the parlay to the next lowest payoff. A tie on a two-teamer parlay with a winner is paid at 9/10 odds. Maximum aggregate payout on any parlay is $35,000.

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