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BetAnySports Parlay Odds

The name BetAnySports may not be a familiar to you but if you enjoy betting on sports it should be. BetAnySports is quickly making a name in the online gaming industry as one of the best sports books to be a part of. They cater to all of their clientele, especially when it comes to betting on parlays.

# of Teams Parlay Payoff
2 2.6/1
3 6/1
4 11/1
5 22/1
6 40/1
7 70/1
8 100/1
9 200/1
10 400/1
11 750/1
12 1400/1
13 2500/1
14 4500/1
15 9000/1

A parlay is a group of straight bets of either spreads/money lines or totals combined into one bet with an increased pay out. For the parlay to be a winner, all of the individual selections of the parlay need to win. If there is a push, cancellation, or no action in one or more of your parlay picks, the wager steps down to the next lower number of teams.  This is the norm at any major sports book in the industry, but where BetAnySports sets themselves apart from the other places is in the options and odds they offer on parlays.

BetAnySports offers a minimum of a two-team parlay with a maximum of a 15-team parlay available to their betting clients. While other sports books may offer a wider variety of teams to be included in the parlay, BetAnySports odds are second-to-none.

In a two-team parlay at BetAnySports the returning payouts are graded at 2.6/1 but the more teams that are included, the higher the payouts get. A 15-team parlay pays off at an outstanding 9000/1 which is unheard of for a place that offers parlays. Parlay bettors that use strategies to try and hit the big parlay should have an out at BetAnySports.

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BetAnySports also offers the client the ability to have open parlays so they can add to their parlay when they find a game that they like best.

BetAnySports may not be a sports book that is familiar to you, but it will be once you bet a parlay there because you will never go back to your old sports book again.


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